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Dear Dr/ Helumt
Frist, I am very happy to send my e.mail to yourself
and I am intersted to know every thing about mollusca fortuntaly I found your site, I would like to introduce my self ; my job Assistant lecturer in  Dept of plant protection Faculty of Agriculture , 
Suez canal university, Egypt .
I got my M.Sc. in (Survey and identification of land  snail in Ismailia Governorate ) , So there is a chance to get Ph.D. through channel system this is system my country covering every thing , and when I cam work in your lab  my country will for me  bay bench  fees and bay monthly selary and there a chance for you to visit Egypt for 14 days 
If you any suggestion for my Ph.D. and you can help me please send to me .

with kind regards
Maha A.SHoieb

Gaestebucheintrag: Maha A. Shoieb , Suez canal university , Dept.of plant protection ,Egypt

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