(c) 1997 by netwing

The Molluscan Blob

AHA! OK Helmut! Now we know who you are. You are Sieglinde Hofer!!!
There is no escaping Nero Wolf's or Poirot's keen minds.
You are now known as the "Blob" because you can change
into many shapes and genders. We had named you 
"Flounder" because you seemed to look like a fish on
ice with popped eyes but now we know you can change
into many shapes and genders and have had to re-name
you --- "The Blob".
It was kind of strange when you first appeared under
your new name, Sieglinde. But eventually your groveling and sneaky psychotic personality gave you away!!!!

Gaestebucheintrag: H. Poirot, Belgique

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